In the world of translation, the quotes are normally calculated by taking into account the number of words in the source text that will be translated/reviewed, as well as the combination of languages, the field of speciality and the format of the source text.


BASIC RATES (per source word)


Translation from English, German and French into Spanish:                                            0.10 - 0.18 € / word  


Sworn/certified Translation German>Spanish, Spanish>German:                                  10.00 € / document


Proofreading (contrasting with the original text in English, German or French):        0.05 - 0.07 € / word                  


Basic Formatting (PDF or image):                                                                                               inclusive


Transcription:                                                                                                                                   4 € / minute                                                                                                             




An original text in PDF format that requires a high level

of formatting (for example, various pages with tables

and graphics combined with non-linear text):                                                                        15 €   


Apostille/Legalisation:                                                                                                                    35 €



+ 19% VAT (if applies)



You will receive a fixed price service quote (with the possible surcharges if applicable) with all the conditions listed (final price, delivery date, payment terms, etc.), that is 100% obligation free.

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